Tankless Water Heater Parts and Accessories


A great way to enhance your tankless water heating unit is by choosing an water heater accessory that will make it perform in any situation. Whether you need a pump to deliver water to your unit from a standing water source or a vent kit to safely exhaust a propane-fuelled heater, we’ve assembled a wide range of accessories that will allow you to adapt your water heater to your specific needs.

Our water related accessories are designed to supply your tankless water heater in off-grid situations such as campsites or cabins where no city supplied pressure is available.  Depending on your heater model and the available power, we have different pumps that will deliver water to your unit at the required pressure from any water source.  If that water source is a natural lake or rain barrel, a Strainer accessory will ensure that your hot water is free of grit and other debris.

For propane powered units, safety is always the number one priority. We carry a number of accessories that will ensure the secure operation of your water heater. To safely exhaust indoor units that run on propane, you can choose either a horizontal or vertical vent kit depending on your specific setup. As an added layer of protection, a propane gas detector provides peace of mind while enjoying the benefits of a tankless water heater. We also carry Teflon gas tape, which will allow you to seal the gas fittings on your unit and prevent dangerous gas leaks.

For the optimal shower experience, check out our Onsen On/Off Shower Head and Stainless Steel Hose. The multi-functional shower head lets you choose between a natural shower spray, a massage spray or just a mist. Best of all, it features an ON/OFF switch that provides one-touch operation of your portable water heater: simply flicking the switch turns on your unit and gets the hot water flowing.

To keep your unit running smoothly, check out our water heater accessories designed to maintain your unit in great condition at all times and extend the life of your water heating investment.  

Finally, we carry a full line of gas and water fittings, adapters and other accessories that will allow you to set up your tankless water and make it easy to use in a variety of situations. Water pump specific accessories include Set of ½“ Adapters for Onsen 3.0 Pump, which make it easy to connect water hoses and allows for quick winterizing and system draining of your unit. To connect your water heater with a garden hose water source, check out our Brass Garden Hose Quick Connectors which includes a set of male and female 3/4" garden hose to a 1/2" NPT adapters for your Onsen 5L, 7L and 10L tankless water heater inlet and outlet.

Whether for safety requirements or to simply make your unit work the way you want it to, our range of water heater specific accessories will ensure the safe and efficient performance of your tankless water heater for a long time to come.

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