Open Box Products

The "Open Box" category page lists returned products that are still in like-new condition. Products have been inspected, tested and cleaned before being re-sold online at a reduced price.

Why Open Box?

If you’re looking to save some money or like the idea of purchasing a refurbished product that might otherwise be discarded, then Open Box is for you. Open Box products are new or gently used returned units that are repackaged and offered for sale at a discount of up to 30%. 

Before being sold as an Open Box product, each unit is thoroughly inspected, tested and cleaned so you can be sure you’re getting the same quality as a new product. In addition, all Open Box products enjoy the same warranty as all of our products so there’s no risk on your part.

So, why should you purchase an Open Box product?

Save Money

This is an easy one! When a customer removes the seal of a packaged unit, the value of that item is automatically decreased when it goes up for resale even if it’s never been used. So taking advantage of someone else’s change of heart by purchasing that product makes great sense money wise.

Small Gesture for the Environment

All those distribution and packaging materials can take a toll environmentally speaking. Not to mention throwing away a perfectly good product simply because the seal on a package has been broken. So purchasing an Open Box product allows you to make an environmentally responsible choice as a consumer.

Same Quality and Warranty

Open Box products are carefully inspected to ensure the same quality and performance as a new product before being resold so you can be sure the unit you’re getting is as good as new. In addition, Open Box units are covered by the same warranty as new products so there’s absolutely no risk involved.

No Surprises, Just Quality In Each Box

Some of our Open Box units have been gently used and returned and some have never even been taken out of the box. Either way, we ensure that every Open Box product is the same quality you would expect from a brand new product, except at significant savings to you.  


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