Renogy 12 volt Solar Kits

Looking for affordable, top-quality solar products? Renogy should be at the top of your list! Renogy  prides itself on creating efficient renewable energy solutions at every price point. If you’re on the lookout for an environment-friendly solution for your off-grid energy needs, Renogy solar panels are the right choice.

Recognized by the Golden Bridge Awards 2016 as Best Product or Service of the Year, Renogy solar panels are leaders in their field. Still not convinced? Here are a few ways in which Renogy products stand out.


Renogy’s primary focus is to provide environment-friendly energy alternatives for your off-grid energy needs.. Compared to traditional off-grid energy sources like propane or fuel, Renogy solar panels are non-polluting, noiseless and renewable.

Off-Grid Power

Whether it be a solar energy source for a campout with friends, a sleek power source for your boat, or just an emergency power backup, Renogy’s got you covered! Their Off-Grid systems let you use any kind of electronics anywhere, as long as there is an inverter available.

Renogy’s wide range of Off-Grid systems can power most applications, big or small.

Easy to Use

Because Renogy understands the importance of a great user experience, each of its products comes with a simple set of instructions that make it easy for anyone to install and use them.


Want to help the environment by using solar products but unsure about the price point? No worries! Renogy’s prices are easy on the pocket. Take a look at the products listed on our website and you’ll be surprised how affordable going solar can be!

Warranty, Baby!

Renogy offers industry-leading warranty on all their products. Simply register your Renogy product to enjoy its full benefits.

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